There’s a lot on your plate…

Leaving little bandwidth to answer important questions:

  • Can my business sustain my ideal lifestyle AND eventually make work optional?
  • Are our current 401(k) plans best for me and my employees?
  • What do I need to get right for a successful business transition?
  • How can I protect my assets and family from excess taxation and risk?
  • Can my business survive without me?

We eliminate the guesswork.


Trying to balance today’s demands with future planning can be heavy… Making it easy for opportunities to slip through the cracks.

We take that weight off your shoulders and help you:

  • Get tailored, no-BS financial advice — no wasted time
  • Keep and invest more of the value from your business
  • Avoid costly mistakes on unnecessary taxes and fees
  • Clarify and execute the right decisions to protect your family and assets
  • Create a seamless plan to step back from operations when the time is right
Let us help you build more of the life you want

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Meet the team

  • CEO and Senior Wealth Advisor

    Melissa M. Yano, CFP® CExP™
  • Office Manager

    Ester W. Heichman
  • Executive Assistant

    Krista D. Summers

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