Patrick & Susan

While Patrick wanted to save money on his company’s employee benefits, his main concern was that his wife was taken care of…
patrick and susan's case study
Patrick is a life-long entrepreneur involved in banking and tech. However, his finances were spread across various accounts, making them disorganized and difficult to manage.


Patrick aimed to simplify his finances by consolidating various accounts accumulated over his diverse career. Outside of simpler management of his diverse portfolio, his main priority was making sure his wife, Susan, would be well taken care of if anything happened to him.


Patrick knew his scattered finances lacked a cohesive strategy and added needless complexity to his life, but he had neither the time nor inclination to manage it all himself. His business’s financial affairs, including a 401(k) plan for employees, also required expert handling. On a personal level, Patrick needed a solid plan in place so Susan would have reliable financial guidance in his absence.


After being introduced to a financial advisor who specialized in planning for business owners, Patrick and Susan decided to partner with her. Her straightforward and thorough approach appealed to them, and made them feel at ease communicating directly with her. She implemented a strategy that included consolidating Patrick and Susan’s various accounts, providing clarity and a more effective management of their assets.


Presently, Patrick and Susan are reaping the benefits of their partnership with their financial advisor. Their finances are consolidated and efficiently managed, offering them peace of mind as they near retirement. They value their advisor’s responsiveness and personal touch, seeing her not just as an advisor but a trusted confidante.