Sarah’s family business was growing fast, and proper management of her personal income became overwhelming…
sarah case study
When her family acquired an established energy efficiency company, Sarah went from a blue-collar work background to co-owner of a growing business. Now, finding herself facing the challenges of managing new wealth, she felt overwhelmed and in need of guidance.


Sarah’s first goal was to manage her increasing personal and business finances effectively. She suddenly had more cash flow than she was used to. Beyond taking control and making the most of her existing situation, she wanted to secure a prosperous future for herself.


Sarah’s challenge was her lack of financial knowledge and experience. She wanted to put her money to work for her and protect her finances from risk, but she didn’t know where to start. This lack of direction was weighing her down, and she knew she needed help.


Sarah met her financial planner through a referral. From the first meeting, her approach was personalized and non-intrusive, focusing on understanding Sarah’s fears and aspirations. This allowed her to tailor a financial strategy that aligned with Sarah’s unique situation.

She focused on comprehensive personal financial planning that took into account where Sarah wanted to be now, and where she saw herself in the future. This planning included discussing retirement options and preparing for financial stability after a possible third-party sale of the business. Sarah’s new financial planner also took charge of managing their 401(k) plan, ensuring that both Sarah and her employees had a robust retirement savings plan in place, aligning with their long-term financial goals and retirement.


Today, Sarah has increased confidence and competence in managing her finances. She has successfully directed her business through significant transitions, including payroll platform changes and 401(k) adjustments. Her financial planner’s personalized advice has enabled Sarah to make informed decisions, avoid potential pitfalls, and feel secure in her future. Sarah considers her financial planner a professional, a friend and an ally.